Welcome New Member Brian LeTendre

And another one bites the dust!

The Midnight Society has claimed another life and we couldn’t be happier to have this man join our haunted ranks from beyond the grave.
Our line-up and blogging team is made up of Amy, Faith, Kathy, Kira, Jennifer, Kim, Timon, and Jolene. And now, we’ve gone one more spooky spirit on our squad.
This post is well overdue as Brian already has two posts up on the site (talking JAWS and horror comics Evil Dead 2). Check them out.

Welcome Brian LeTendre!


Brian LeTendre crossed over while on a vision quest to connect with his spirit animal, the sloth. He died of dehydration after living in a tree branch in his backyard for thirty-three days.

He was a marginally talented writer of mediocre horror, having penned three books in the Parted Veil Series (Courting the King in Yellow, Lovecraft’s Curse and Lovecraft’s Pupil), several short stories and a webcomic about an alien mustache (Mo Stache).

Brian had been working on a new series with acclaimed horror write Jolene Haley at the time of his passing. A YA slasher series that was to combine the perfection that was ‘80s horror and rock music into a blood-soaked masterpiece of the genre.

His legacy lives on in the form of various podcasts and blogs he created over a span of ten years, covering comics (Secret Identity), games (Co-Op Critics) and writing (See Brian Write). He talked a lot. Some stay you can still hear his voice and see his words in the ether of the internet during the witching hour, or anywhere people post pictures of sloths.






We’re beyond delighted to add his spirit to our collection. Welcome Brian!


We’ll see you around the graveyard,
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