bloody mary


The Urban Legend of Bloody Mary

When I was a teen, there were two things you did at a sleep over. Chant "light as a feather, thick as a board" while trying to pick your friend up using only your index fingers. Say Bloody Mary into the bathroom mirror. 3 times. One, was lighthearted and fun. The whole Bloody Mary thing though...terrifying. There are so many different versions of this out there. Who Mary was before this game even came into being. I remember telling the story of a girl named Mary, who was so beautiful that she couldn't tear her eyes from the mirror. One day, she's in a terrib[...]


April #MidnightBooks: MARY: The Summoning (Bloody Mary #1)

Howdy, horror fans! It's me, Kathy! I am thrilled to announce my choice for our Midnight Book Club read for April! I am super-dee duper excited to read MARY: The Summoning! And then I shall attempt to host the Twitter chat where we can talk about all the creepiness. AND WAIT THERE'S MORE...the author, the fabulous Hillary Monahan, has accepted my invitation to join us for our chat. So we can ask all the questions and quite possible fangirl a bit too much. Which is completely acceptable and not at all weird. So join the fun and read MARY: THE SUMMONING. And a HUGE[...]