As I write this blog post, I’m again watching a Buffy episode. This totally normal and not out of character for me, but it definitely got me thinking. In each Buffy episode, there is a new kind of evil in Sunnydale. Many of the main characters have at one time allowed their evil side to shine through: Spike, Angel, Willow, and Anya just to name a few.

Nothing beats a good ol’ Vengeance Demon!



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Formally known as Aud of Sweden, Anya becomes a Vengeance Demon after turning her unfaithful Viking lover Olaf into a Troll. D’Haffryn sees the beauty in her revenge and offers Anyanka the world–as a demon. For years Anyanka delivers vengeance to those who wish for her assistance. Anyanka delivers these wishes in very violent ways; however, Anya loses her powers after coming to Sunnydale to curse Xander. This is what you get when you cheat on Cordelia Chase. With no powers, Anya is still direct and annoys those around her. Her poor social skills are what make her the lovable character she is. And that fear of bunnies?! Ha!

As a human, Anya uses her talent at finances at The Magic Box as an employee of Giles. She and Xander get all the way to the alter, but that’s where Anya’s happiness comes to an end. After Xander leaves Anya at the alter, she accepts D’Haffryn’s to again become a Vegeance Demon. This brings on all the badness again.

In the episode, Selfless, Anya meets her end as Buffy comes to kill her for leaving ten bloodied bodies in a fraternity house. Anya asks D’Haffryn to undo what she did. Her wish is granted and she is yet again human, but not before he kills her best demon friend, Halfrick.

No matter what she is, or what she does, Anya is a key player in the fight against the big bad in Sunnydale.