Friday the 13th

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Welcome back to our corner of the graveyard.I had originally planned to blog about thirteen little tidbits about the actual day, Friday the 13th, but I couldn’t get a certain man out of my head.

Damn you, Jason Voorhees.

So instead I’m just going to give you thirteen facts about Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise. Here we go!


1. Victor Miller, the creator of Jason Voorhees, named the killer after his two sons, Josh and Ian. How freaking cool of a story is that to tell your friends on the playground.

2. Camp Crystal Lake was a real camp, only it’s actually called Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco. Fun fact – you can buy a piece of the dock online. Yes, you read the correctly. You can have a framed piece of movie history in your very own living room.

3. Jason’s mask was sculpted out of an old Detroit Red Wings goalie mask. I always hope that one of the goalies will pay homage to him on Halloween, but I’ve yet to see it happen.

4. There was a rumoured plot line floating around the late 1980’s that had Freddy Krueger as a Camp Crystal Lake counsellor….and not a very nice one. Though it never happened, it would’ve given Jason more than enough motivation to kill Freddy in Freddy vs. Jason.

5. Seven of the movies do not take place on Friday the 13th.

6. JASON HAS TWITTER. @JasonLVoorhees   His bio is hilarious

7. The first time they shot Alice’s kill scene, the icepick didn’t retract.

8. FREDDY VS JASON is one of the most underrated flicks in the whole series. Not only do we get double the killers, we get double the death! We see ALL THE BLOOD. And who can forget the closing scene with Jason slowly walking out of the lake, Freddy’s decapitated head in hand?

9. Did you know that Freddy also makes another appearance in the 13th franchise? There’s a scene where we see the striped sweater and claw hand in JASON GOES TO HELL.

10. Not only was Jason originally named Josh, but the first movie was going to be called LONG NIGHT AT CAMP BLOOD.

11. Jason X has the highest body count weighing in at 28 deaths. That’s nearly triple the amount of the lowest count – Friday the 13th Part II.

12. I’ve heard rumours that the porno version, Jason XXX, has ten times the amount of death, and all the discarded limbs are used as uh…toys. That’s all unconfirmed, of course…OF COURSE.

13. In May 2016, we’re supposed to be getting A NEW JASON MOVIE. This one will be the 13 film in the franchise and is rumoured to explain to us mortals why Jason cannot be killed. If that’s not good news, then I don’t know what is. High Five…err…arm.


Now what’s your favourite Jason movie? Mine is obvs Freddy vs Jason, which feels like I’m cheating a bit because it’s not JUST Jason, but I don’t care. It is SO good.





  • Bibliobibuli @ The Book Tales
    November 13, 2015

    Ooh… My friends and I were just talking about Freddy vs Jason a few days ago, and how we were more afraid of Freddy coz he invades dreams. I do think Jason’s a bit more… humane? LOL, that sounds insane, though.

  • seebrianwrite
    November 13, 2015

    Excellent post! I am a HUGE fan of the franchise. Jason X is the most underrated one of the bunch. It’s fantastic, and stars the best of the Jasons, Mr. Kane Hodder. I may have to live-tweet one of these soon. Hmmmm…maybe Part IV: The Final Chapter, which features the great Tom Savini’s special effects.

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