Let’s Watch a Horror Movie… THE BABADOOK



2016 shall rock. I know for I am magic.


You may remember, dear Midnighters, my desire to find friends to watch scary movies with me. No one in my house likes the spookiness. And though I am not opposed to sitting before the flickering screen of weirdness alone, it’s more fun with people who appreciate it.

So I announced that once a month I will live-tweet a horror movie! On the first Friday of each month I shall reveal the movie, the date, and time. And you will join me… *waves hand* *uses Jedi mind powers*

Last month my fellow Midnight Society blogger Timon and I live-tweeted IT FOLLOWS! If you missed it… I’m sorry. Dude. It was fabulous.

I am taking suggestions for movies to watch, so leave comments here or tweet me @KathleenPalm. I am making a list. I want to watch my favorites, or ones I haven’t seen in a long time and would love to broaden my horizons with movies I haven’t seen. Who knows what I will choose.

Onto January’s movie!



The 2014 film written and directed by Jennifer Kent.


Clear your schedules, kids, for Friday January 15th at 9pm EST! And we shall have all the fun watching THE BABADOOK!


A strange story of a single mother and her son, grieving over the loss of a husband and father. An odd story book…


And a monster that doesn’t just exist in a little boy’s head.

I encourage you to pop the DVD in and hit play at the stroke of 9pm EST. Add your tweets to the mix under #Babadook.

If you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat.


Whatever you do…


See you in the Twittersphere on the 15th, horror friends!

Let’s watch a horror movie.

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  • Amy
    January 1, 2016

    Scary ass movie, so good choice my friend!!!!

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