Happy Halloween! + an All Hallow’s Read Giveaway!

I love Halloween. More than every other holiday, including my birthday.


Last year at this time, I was touching down in a plane in San Francisco to attend my good friend’s magical wedding. That was one of the best Halloweens of my life because I was watching two amazing people celebrate their love in a magical science center filled with dinosaur bones and artifacts. I had drinks in a bird sanctuary, appetizers under an aquarium staring up at giant fish, and dinner in a safari room, all while touches of skeleton bones and macabre music and décor filled my ears. It was seriously magical and it’s going to be tough to ever top that.

San Francisco is amazing in the fall. Here are two pictures I snapped while I was there.



Today I’m at work (dressed up as Barb from Stranger Things (which no one got) but I convinced my entire team to dress up as characters from the show too, which was great). Hopefully before it gets too late, I’ll be home, watching scary movies and hopefully eating the candy that was meant for my trick-or-treaters.


Nancy and Barb from Stranger Things


I don’t have a specific tradition for Halloween other than I love to watch scary movies and carve jack-o-lanterns with people I love. I love to hand out candy but I don’t get many in my neck of the woods, so I usually just end up eating most of it.

What do YOU like to do for Halloween?

Do you have any traditions?

What are you dressed up as?


All Hallow’s Read Giveaway


Most of you know I’m a huge advocate of All Hallow’s Read. What that is, is a tradition started by author Neil Gaiman where you give someone a scary book to read on Halloween.

So reader, I want to send you a scary book. I will be picking one winner from the comments below, to send a spooky package to, including a scary book.

To enter to win, all you have to do to win is to leave a comment below answering one of my questions above. Please leave me a way to contact you, like an email or Twitter handle or blog URL (or something).

Shout out to Introverted Wife who always makes some sweet posters for the event. Here’s the one I liked the best!



Happy Halloween!

Jolene - Midnight Society Signatures



  • Krystal Jane
    October 31, 2016

    Wow, that wedding sounds awesome! I would love to attend one like that. That’s crazy! These days I have friends who like Halloween, so I spend time listening to Halloween music, hanging out, and seeing all the creative costumes that kids where nowadays. My friends get a ton of kids, and sometimes the costumes are amazing. There were two grapes this year, and I think that’s my new favorite costume. They had head pieces and were covered in balloons!

    Back in the day though, it was a horror movie marathon, popcorn, and chocolate, usually snickers. 🙂

    • MidnightSocietyJolene
      Krystal Jane
      November 8, 2016

      Hahaha, two grapes! I love it! What a creative costume! Thanks so much for your comment Krystal! You’re my winner and I’ll be reaching out to you for your info.

      That does sound wonderful though, horror movies, popcorn, and chocolate. What more do you need?

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