Neil Gaiman


GUTTED: Achingly Beautiful Horror

I fell in love with horror fiction through short stories. The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe. NIGHT SHIFT, by Stephen King. My family car was littered with horror anthologies I found on bookstore racks and garage sale tables. As a writer, I love the tight structure and elegant story telling. As a reader, I love a small story that rips me apart and leaves me gasping.  GUTTED: BEAUTIFUL HORROR STORIES, edited by Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward, is a gorgeous collection. The stories delve into the dark, emotional connection we feel towards what we treasure[...]


Happy Halloween! + an All Hallow’s Read Giveaway!

I love Halloween. More than every other holiday, including my birthday. Last year at this time, I was touching down in a plane in San Francisco to attend my good friend’s magical wedding. That was one of the best Halloweens of my life because I was watching two amazing people celebrate their love in a magical science center filled with dinosaur bones and artifacts. I had drinks in a bird sanctuary, appetizers under an aquarium staring up at giant fish, and dinner in a safari room, all while touches of skeleton bones and macabre music and décor filled my ears[...]


Curious Things Found on the Internet – Part II

Hello guys and ghouls! This, being the second in the series of Curious Things Found on the Internet (you can read the first here), I'm running with a literary theme this week. The way this works: I offer up an interesting tidbit found in my internet travels along with a book pairing inspired by the oddity, as well as a drink to go with it. Without further ado, let's get to it: 1. Popular Writers: A Stephen King interview In which Neil Gaiman interviews Stephen King. This is an older interview, dating back to 2012, but if I haven't already overstated it: both[...]


#EverydayisHalloween Starts NOW!

The Midnight Society is just bouncing in their coffins. Welcome to October! You'll want to be here with us every day, because #EverydayisHalloween here at The Midnight Society! What does that mean exactly? It means we have a month full of events, posts, parties, and scary times planned for you all. It's time to get in the spirit, and we're here to make sure you do just that. Some of the events we have planned include scary movie Tweet-alongs, a Twitter party, horror poetry contest, digital trick-or-treating, photo challenge, jack-o-lantern contest, and The Grave[...]


The Graveyard Book: Graphic Novel!

You've probably heard of The Graveyard Book, even if you haven't read it. This very popular work from Neil Gaiman tells the story of a boy being raised in a graveyard, and now you can catch this story in graphic novel format! It's been split into two volumes. The last one came out last Wednesday, and the conclusion will be available October first. Adapted by P. Craig Russell, there are illustrations here by a mix of artists, which I love because it adds an unpredictability to the turn of the page. The fancy book description, for those unfamiliar with the story, i[...]


Don’t Let Them See You’re Afraid

It is a known fact that many of us here at the Midnight Society have a love of things both dark and circusy. So, submitted for the approval of the midnight society, I call my favorite dark circus movie you’ve never heard of: Helena’s family owns and performs in “The Campbell Family Circus: The Best Little Bigtop Alive”. But it may not be alive for much longer. Helena’s mother has fallen suddenly sick and is in the hospital, and the rest of the cast is mutinying, ready to flee for other circuses. Then a strange alleyway performance one night draws Helena[...]