Faith’s Favorite Frights #1

Locke & Key is one of my favorite horror comics, ever, so naturally I was super stoked to hear they had a one-shot on the way. According to my local comic seller, who had never read Locke & Key, this is a great way to try out the series and get yourself sucked in if you’ve never read Locke & Key before. This story came out last week, AND IT’S AWESOME. Even better: in the letters in the back, they say they WILL have a new, seventh volume coming out! And they have plans for more. YES PLEASE!

Pick this up at your local comic book store, or get it digitally at IDW’s site or comixology.

 Make the Ghost of it DIY Garland! Where could you NOT put this? That is the question here. On sale at Modcloth.


Hell Bunny Plus Size 1950s Style Black Miss Muffet Embroidered Swing Skirt. This is so cute. I’d wear it EVERYWHERE. Available at Unique Vintage.

You’ve probably already read Harrowed (The Woodsview Murders, #1), right? The YA Horror serial killer story that is so Halloween I can’t even handle it? Well if you haven’t, it is free on Amazon TODAY (12/28) only, so get on that. And if you have, you should also check out After the Storm, a Woodsview Christmas Story, also free today! Get it! This is a great #1.5 to read after you’ve checked out Harrowed.




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