Happy Birthday Jenna!

We have a very special birthday today.

Jenna, writer extraordinaire, amazing mother, creative genius, lover of Dr. Strand (here here!), concoction brewer, and one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met has a birthday today! And lucky for us, the whole graveyard turned out to celebrate! Feel free to wish her Happy Birthday on Twitter!

Happy Birthday Jenna!



Jenna, you wonder woman, I so adore you. The spirits in the graveyard said it best when I asked then what they thought of you. They did a lot of swaying and said, “Wooooooooooooo!” and I agree. You are so woo! You are woo-nderful. And fun. And I’m so glad we’re friends.

Let’s cheers to that!

Here’s a Witch’s brew cocktail, perfectly mysterious for our dear soul.


Bacardi Dragon berry rum

Blue Curacao

Creme de banana

Fresh squeezed lime juice

Mix ingredients and serve up in a martini glass rimmed with black sugar. Recipe found here.
You know me, I’m not satisfied until they bring out the appetizers. I hope you like the graveyard. I hope it’s not too…cheesy.
Found here.
<3 Jolene
This calls for cake!
You can blow out your candles…or we can gather around and have a party…
Try a few spells…
Be a bit daring and call for the gift of birthday power…
Hopefully we don’t cause anything too terrible to happen…
Oh well… scary is fun.
Have a fabulous demon-free day! I hope it is full of good creepy books and movies and all the fun!
Dearest Jenna your face is nice
I want to eat it with an ice
cream. You touch my heart with your talons
I want to hold you by the gallons.
Love & birthday smooches!
The Davis Girl
Jenna! What would a birthday party be without some music and movies? I have brought you the finest in suynth-based horror soundtracks from the master himself, John Carpenter.

And when everyone’s done eating cake, we can pop in a movie! I’ve brought you a choice pick from 1986–Chopping Mall.

Happy birthday!–Brian

Have a creeptastic birthday!
Everyone wants to see you. Nothing can stop them. Not even death…
To give you a birthday hug.
To maybe sing you a birthday song.
To offer you a fun birthday surprise!
Thanks for being fabulous you and have a great day!
Happy Birthday Jenna! Have a wonderful day!
Love, your biggest fans at

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