Deadly Divas


Lipstick & Zombies: Rockin’ the Apocalypse

It's not often that a writer can pin down the exact moment they came up with the idea for their book or series, but I can, because it was on twitter. https://twitter.com/faithmckay/status/458316923118166016 Yes, The Spice Girls were very big in the 1980s. *headdesk* https://twitter.com/faithmckay/status/458317110129598464 https://twitter.com/faithmckay/status/458317493619015681 https://twitter.com/faithmckay/status/458327130279931904 AND THERE IT IS. I was kidding when I hit tweet. But then it wheedled its way into my thoughts. What would that story look[...]


Lipstick & Zombies Cover Reveal

Hello, Midnighters! I've mentioned that I'm working on a series of zombie books a few times on here, and today I finally get to tell you about it, AND show you the cover! Lipstick & Zombies is the first book in the Deadly Divas series, and it will be available on August 27th. I've already made progress on books 2 and 3, so they'll be out very soon, too--no worrying about a long wait with the Deadly Divas. If you're excited to check out this series, make sure to check out the link below to get a free sampler of Lipstick & Zombies (as well as my husband's[...]