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The Best Birthday Gift Ever–HARROWED!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again--Jolene Haley is amazing. And this past week, she gave me the best birthday present ever--a print proof of our book Harrowed. If you follow Jolene or I at all, then you know we're hard at work on getting Haunted (the second book in the Woodsview Murders series) ready for release. But Harrowed will always be our first love, and we still have big plans for our first book, and one of those plans is a print edition. Jolene and I had talked about the print version, and had done some preliminary work (or so I thought) on forma[...]


#HorrorTwins Cover Reveal! Are You Ready for #OrchardPointe?

You know what I love? Creepy towns with secrets. Amusement parks have always felt ominous to me. Crowds of people happily running around, blind to what's going on around them in their joy. The rides are running--death traps if I've ever seen one--carnival food consumed by the bucketful, made by people peering out at the cheery park goers who don't know anyone in that town or have any reason to care about what happens when your food is made. It's hot, the day is coming to a close, there's a magic in the air that could be great, or could be.... something....else. A[...]