Book Review: Suee and the Shadow by Ginger Ly & Molly Park

I recently came across Ginger Ly and Molly Park’s debut graphic novel Suee and the Shadow and oh, my heart, where has this book been all my life? As some of you recall, I absolutely judge books by the cover.

So let’s talk about Suee and the Shadow‘s cover.

The first thing I noticed was the white on shadow face. This shadow is up to NO GOOD AND I WANT TO KNOW WHY.

Close up of Suee's shadow's face

Look at this face!

Next is that chilling contrast of the blood red lettering against an indigo background.

Close up of red "S" on cover

This red on indigo lettering!

The trend of claw-like branches on middle grade covers is one I hope stays forever and ever and ever.

Close up of claw-like branches

These claw-like branches!

And what’s in the jar? WHAT’S IN THE JAR?

Close up of a jar in Suee's arms

What’s in the jar!?

And do you have a moment to hear the word of Suee’s expression here?

Close up of Suee's face

Suee is not joking around.

While you are allowed to be as susceptible to cover art as I am, you don’t have to take my word for it.

But you will.

Erica is a developmental editor. Her current WIP is a spooky graphic novel with a long sentence for a title. She welcomes connections via twitter.

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