Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes are Coming! The Midnight Society Makeover.

We celebrated something special this year.

You probably saw the post, but on March 17, 2018, The Midnight Society turned four years old! So many blogs don’t last a year. I remember when I dreamt up the idea, I was certain that no one would care and certainly no one would want to join…I love it when I’m wrong.

Currently we have 9 incredible contributors, over 110,000 unique all time views, and a dedicated readership that we so appreciate.

To celebrate, we are re-vamping the site. Soon you will notice a new look for The Midnight Society, new events, and a new site organization. Lots of fun changes!

Most of our regular posting will be uninterrupted, but that may change in the future for a short period.

Why are we telling you?

We want your feedback! If there’s anything you want to see, anything you’d love to see us do or put on, we want to know about it!

Leave your great ideas, comments, and suggestions (and preferably delicious alcoholic beverage recipes in the comments below).


Have a wonderful weekend!

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